What Is The Difference Between Air Compressor Vs Air Tank?

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Hey, what’s up? Are you thinking of buying an air compressor/air tank? And still, confused about which one you need to buy? Don’t you ever worry when we are here to suggest you the best One?

Many people think that the air compressor and the air tank are the same things. But it is not indeed. They might have some similarities, but the two are entirely different. Here we will try to specify an air compressor vs air tank.

Air Compressor Vs Air Tank: What’re The Differences?

There are a lot of differences between Air compressor and Air tank. If I was told to make a one-sentence answer about “what is the difference between an air compressor and an air tank?” I’d say a compressor compresses air, and an air tank is what stores air in it.

So basically, the dissimilarity is in their jobs they meant to do. And indeed their names and appearances also aren’t similar. To know about their differences, we have to know about them individually. So, let’s begin.

What Is An Air Compressor?

An air compressor is a mechanical device that is used for compressing air. An air compressor works in two stages. At first, it compresses the volume of air. And then the deliverance operation begins. It starts to supply air circulation in a system.


Usually, two types of air compressors are found in the market. The very first one is ‘positive displacement air compressor,’ and the second and last one is ‘dynamic air compressor’ (also known as a centrifugal compressor).

The rate of its air deliverance is noted in cubic feet per minute (CFM). Because the atmospheric pressure plays a role in how fast air fills the cylinder. The temperature and the humidity of the air also have effects on it.

Advantages Of Air Compressor

There are a few advantages you can have using an air compressor.  If you have compressing work, then you have no other options instead of buying it. So let’s discuss the advantages of an air compressor.

  • Portability: Most of the air compressors are portable. They are lightweight and easy to move here and there.
  • Time-saving: like other useful devices, an air compressor is also helping a person to save his time.
  • Powerful: An air compressor is a very powerful machine. The flowing of its air when pushing it out is very powerful. (Sometimes it is used for cleaning sensitive devices.)
  • Alternate source of power: There are many types of air compressors (talking about energy sources). Moreover, the fuel engine generates power for it.
  • Compactness: There are some air compressors which are very compact and easy to carry. Their compactness is very impressive.
  • Almost costless maintenance: Once you bought an air compressor, you don’t have to pay more for it.

Disadvantages Of Air Compressor

Along with the advantages, there always are some disadvantages also. Let’s view some opposing sides of using an air compressor.

  • High cost: Air compressors are much more expensive. If you are on a tight budget, then I’m sorry to say, this is not your product.
  • Electricity cost is too much: This device demands a high cost for electricity supply. And the high-voltage power system is needed.
  • So noisy: An air compressor creates a lot of noise while compressing the air.
  • Less durability: The durability of an air compressor is not so pleasant.
  • Doesn’t have a power-cap: An air compressor doesn’t have any power-cap, which can be the reason for the over-supply of power and heats the engine in a little time.

What Is An Air Tank?

An air tank is typically a cylinder where compressed air is stored. It is mainly used for operating devices like braking systems, paintball guns, and paint dispensers. It looks like a vessel.

What is an air tank

An air tank is a device for small works. It is also called a ‘carry tank’ sometimes. It is a handy tool used in a workshop or a garage. It is also used for pumping the small tubed tires like a cycle tire.

But let me tell you the most important role of an air tank in this era. It is no other than carrying Oxygen. Oxygen tanks are used for different important purposes such as ventilators in hospitals, hiking in heels, and scuba diving underwater, and so on where tanked oxygen is needed.

Advantages Of An Air Tank

There are also a few advantages of using an air tank. Every invention has advantages of its own. Let’s discuss the advantages of an air tank.

  • Life-saving: Air tanks work as life-saving cylinders in hospitals, underwater, top of the hills, and also to remove small fires as a Carbon-di-Oxide gas cylinder.
  • Portable: Air tank is a compact-sized device and easy to carry.
  • Lightweight: Typically saying, an air tank is much more lightweight than it looks like.
  • Easy to use: An air tank is a very simple device. It is very easy to use.
  • Safe to use: It has no side effects or dangerous side of using.
  • Time-saving: It is a high-speed device that saves a lot of valuable time.
  • Totally adjustable: The quantity of the flowing air is fully adjustable. Anyone can control the airflow limit by a wheel.

Disadvantages Of An Air Tank

The negative side is a must for any of the inventions invented. An air tank is not authentic enough for not having any disadvantages. Here we are providing you some disadvantages of air tanks.

  • Costly: An average level air tank costs a bit excessive.
  • Has to be refilled after one use: The users have to refill the air tank from the main source or sub-sources after using it a time.
  • Capacity: An ordinary air tank’s capacity level is not so impressive to me.
  • Lasting: Though the cylinder is made of metal, the medium quality air tank does not last too long.

Air compressor vs air tank: which is best?

Air compressor and air tanks are two different devices. Each one of them is important. But if you are asking which one is the best, I would say that it depends on your work.

I mean to say, will you buy a grass cutter for trimming your beard? You’ll never do that, right? The same thing is about the air compressor and the air tank. Both are used for different purposes. So what is your purpose? Is it compressing air? Then you have to buy a compressor. The tank won’t work here.

And if you want to store air (oxygen/carbon-di-oxide), then you can buy an air tank. Though an air compressor has a cylinder and it can store air in it, why pay more for something you don’t need?

So I think you have to be sure first that what is the reason for buying it. Once you get your reason, then you can select between an air compressor and an air tank easily.

Talking about power and accessibilities except for price, then obviously an air compressor is a better option.

Final Thought

Whether both air compressors and air tanks are so similar, many people have confusion in mind that which one is better and which one they need. Here we tried our best to get to the conclusion of your confusion.

I hope this article was helpful enough for you to choose between an air compressor vs air tank. Here we tried to provide you the utmost possible information and details. We are always here to assist you with the last thing we can provide.

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