How Long Do Air Compressors Last? (Time To Know)

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Air compressors are a useful tool used in various industries, garages, and homes. We all know that appliances like AC, Refrigerators, and cars use air compressors to function. However, over the years, many users of air compressors have been troubled with some common questions about its efficient use, servicing, longevity, risk, etc.

If you are one of those users who have these questions in mind, we have some good news for you. Your doubts are about to be cleared. All the answers to the various questions like ‘how long do air compressors last?’  are answered here just for you. So why not read on and find out?

Are air compressors dangerous?

One of the first questions that pop up is, ‘are air compressors dangerous?’ The answer is both Yes and No. When any machinery is improperly used, it can be dangerous. It is the same for air compressors. However, if you know how to use the tool with proper safety and precaution, air compressors are Safe to Use. Here are the things you need to know to guarantee your safety.


Rupture is one common danger that can be faced while using air compressors. Excess pressure builds up in the compressor vessel causing the vessel to rupture and explode, which can be dangerous for you.

However, it can easily be avoided if you check that the pressure level does not rise above normal inside the compressor vessel. To know the optimal pressure, which the vessel can handle, always read safety manuals that come with the air compressor.

Use the compressor’s regulator to keep the pressure below the danger limit. Always make sure that the safety release valve that releases out the excess pressure is working fine.

It is extremely dangerous if compressed air enters the human body. To prevent this at all costs, make sure compressors are always turned away from people. While using the compressor, wear safety goggles, ear muffler, full-sleeved shirts, and trousers so that compressed air can’t get into your body by any chance through cuts in the skin.

How Long Do Air Compressors Last?

So, it’s time to know about how long do air compressors last? Well, a well-maintained air compressor can last for 10 to 15 years irrespective of its brand and rate of use. It all depends on how well you maintain and treat the machine.

Continuous maintenance and care of the various parts of the air compressor is the key to a long-lasting air compressor.  You need to follow the simple steps we have covered for you in this write-up.

Important tips for air compressor long-lasting use

The first thing one can do to make their air compressor last long is to maintain proper lubrication. While using an oil run compressor, you should change the oil after 120 hours of use.

Important tips for air compressor long-lasting use

  • Remember to keep an eye out for oil leaks before and while using the air compressor. Never overfill the oil tank. Keep the oil up to the red dot level of the tanker to ensure safety.
  • Secondly, ensure that the internal parts of the compressor are well fitted. Check for loose nuts inside the compressor and make sure they are tight.
  • The vibration in the machine loosens the screws over time. Tightening the before and after each use to keep a balanced torque. Using the compressor with loose nuts can cause internal damage to the delicate machine parts.
  • Number three, keep the air compressor dust-free to prevent overheating. Clean the intake vents regularly so that the compressor runs smoothly.
  • When dust collects inside the compressor vessel or motor, the cooling cycle of the tool is disturbed. In such a case, your compressor will stop working due to overheating. A simple way in which you can prevent this problem is by keeping the compressor clean and ensuring that the cooling fan is free of obstruction.
  • Lastly and most importantly, do not forget to dry off the moisture collected inside the valves and vessel. Water contains in the valves from the outside air, which may cause the rusting of machine parts. This can reduce the performance and life span of the air compressor. It is best if you keep the air compressed covered and protected from direct exposure to rain or snow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, an air compressor is a vital part of its respective electronic devices. They might be last for long, or sometimes, they fall apart. Let’s find out some common questions that we often find.

Can an air compressor be repaired

You can make certain repairs yourself but always remember to let a professional technician do the repairs in case of severe damages and malfunction. The airflow and pressure of the compressor can be adjusted by tightening and loosening the screw, which is under the plastic top cover.

Should I drain my air compressor after every use?

Yes, you should let the water collected in the valves and the compressor tank to dry completely after each use. Do this after releasing air from the valves. Let the water drops collected at the bottom dry off slowly.

How often should an air compressor be serviced?

If you use the compressor for long hours and in a high contaminant area, you should get it checked every 6 to 9 months. For users who live in a low contaminant environment or have short hours of usage, the period of servicing can even be about 2 years.

Final Thoughts

However, we’ve got you covered with the topic of how long do air compressors last and other correspondings. So if you can maintain the procedures mentioned above properly, you can rest assured that your air compressor will last for more than a decade. The steps are vital for a long-lasting and efficient machine to work with.

Hope now you know ‘how long do air compressor last?’ and its other related queries. Next time someone asks you these questions, we are sure you would know what to say. Let us know in the comment section below what you think about our solutions.

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