How To Use Nail Gun With Air Compressor

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If you have the knowledge of how to use nail gun with air compressor, you can perform a lot of work all by yourself without much trouble. The Air compressor helps the nail gun work pretty smoothly. No matter what sort of woodwork you are doing or making a frame, a nail gun performs best with an air compressor.

Pneumatic nail guns use compressed air to operate. It might be a little noisy but this tool will make your work easier.

Depending on your work style and materials, you should choose the nail guns and the power supply wisely. In this article, you will know how to work with the nail gun using an air compressor. The task becomes easier when you know how your tools operate.

Let’s dive in.

Do Nail Guns Need an Air Compressor?

No, not all sorts of nail guns need an air compressor to supply them the required energy. There are six different types of nail guns available on the market. Such as pneumatic, power-actuated, electric, combustion-powered, solenoid-powered, and pin nailer. Among these, only pneumatic nail guns need an air compressor.

Nail Guns Need an Air Compressor

Pneumatic means the machine which uses compressed air as the power supply. According to HowStuffWorks, an air compressor generates the hammering power to the nail gun’s air reservoir.

The piston cylinders operate like a water pump to draw air inside and outside. The piston triggers the long blade to stay up when the air pressure is greater below the piston. Again, when the air pressure is greater above the piston head; it is forced to stay low.

How Big Of An Air Compressor Do I Need For A Nail Gun?

According to a famous industrial blog, it is important to choose the perfect air compressor which will fulfill the required CFM and PSI for nailing. They tested different compressors and stated that 120 PSI is enough for typical nail guns. But if you are working for a long time, selecting the higher PSI will serve you better. The air tank capacity can vary as well, from 1 to 8 gallons according to your preferences and how many guns are working together.

The CFM or airflow supply requirements varies from one nail gun to another. Pin, Brad, Finish nail guns can work within 2.0 CFM whereas Framing or Roofing guns need 4.0 CFM. Since most of the nailing works are small projects, the compressor should be portable and lightweight. It is recommended that 2hp is the best for every nailing project whether it is for faster nailing or slow DIY projects.

How To Use Nail Gun With Air Compressor

If you are new at using the nail gun with an air compressor, don’t worry. In the following step-by-step guide, you will learn everything you need to know to run the operation perfectly. However, you need to be careful always and follow the guidelines as it is stated.

How To Use Nail Gun With Air Compressor

Step 1: Select nail guns

Depending on your project, you should choose the right size and shape of nails and nail guns. For working on a heavy project or on the wood you can choose Finish or Framing gun. If you are fixing a tree house or small wooden frame, use Brad nail guns.

Step 2: Loading the Nail gun with nails

If you are working for a long time frame and a professional, the most common type of nail gun case is the coil type.  Firstly, you have to fill the cylindrical nail case with nails in the right direction. Next put the first nail in the slot so that the other nails can follow when work starts. If it doesn’t fit, check the manual again and set the nail case correctly.

Another type of nail gun uses nail strips. Here you have to slide down the magazine by pressing it. After filling the magazine, press it back again until you hear the click sound. Check again if the nail strip is set securely.

Step 3: Connect the gun to the air compressor

Choose your preferred air compressor. Now all you have to do is connect to the power source. Grab one head of the air hose and connect it to the nail gun and the other end to the hose might already be connected with the compressor. If not, connect it yourself.

Step 4: Position the gun perpendicularly

You should always place your gun in the perpendicular position to the ground. Place the tip of the gun where you want the nail. Press the trigger and shot.

Step 5: Select the required depth

If you are not worried about nailhead height, press your gun firmly to the wood piece until the nail is fired properly. But if you want the nail head to be a little bit up from the surface or deep inside the piece select the depth beside the trigger first.

Safety Tips When Using Nail Gun with Air Compressor

The sharp tails of nails and compressed air both can be hazardous if you are not careful while working. Strictly follow these safety tips to avoid any accidents:

Nail Gun Air Compressor safety tips

  • Read the manual carefully because every manufacturer can have different features in the gun.
  • Always select the sequential mode if you are not experienced enough.
  • Wear protective headphone and eyeglass
  • Turn off the air compressor and disconnect it from the gun before loading the nails or removing the jam.
  • Just like traditional hammering, keep your other hand in a distance from the point of fire so that you don’t accidentally shot your own hand with nails
  • Build a safety line so that no one comes in the range of fire.
  • Never lower your nail gun when it is in bump mode. By doing so the safety nose piece can displace and the gun can accidentally fire a nail in the air.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a nail gun without an air compressor?

Answer: Of course, you can. But instead, you have to use either electricity or battery or any other source of power.

Can air compressors cause damage?

Answer: if you maintain the compressor properly, it will not cause any damage. But dust, debris can get into the machine so cleaning it is required.

What is the best nail gun compressor?

Answer: There are many combo packs with nail guns attached to the compressor. But if you are looking for an affordable air compressor, check out highest Cfm Air Compressor Under $500.

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