Oil Vs Oilless Air Compressor: Which One Is Right Choice For You?

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Air compressors have been a very common part in our daily life nowadays. Whether it is handiwork, furniture making, or industrial works, it is nearly impossible to carry out all the projects without an air compressor. So when buying one, you should look for the best quality air compressor that is available on the market, right? Let me help you with that.

There are two basic options – 1) Oil air compressor and 2) Oilless air compressor; from which you can choose the right air compressor for you. But as a first-timer, it is quite difficult for one to differentiate between Oil Vs Oilless Air Compressor. So, the sole purpose of this article is to clarify the distinctive functions of both compressors and how to select the right compressor for you.

Oil Vs Oilless Air Compressor: What’s the Difference?

There are some basic differences to keep in mind before selecting your perfect air compressor. Follow these comparisons to know more about them.

Oil Vs Oilless Air Compressor

But first of all, let’s know what these two terms actually stand for.

Oil Air Compressor

Air compressors that use oil as the lubrication medium and are designed with oil-lubed pumps are generally known as oil air compressors. An immense amount of heat is also produced as a result of the massive workload. And the oil needs to be added and changed regularly. They are prone to have been more functional and maintain a longer product life, so they are a good option for industrial purposes.

Oilless Air Compressor

The name itself is quite expressive of its meaning. Air compressors that are pre-lubricated and don’t need regular adding or changing of oil known as oilless air compressors. The medium of lubrication used in these compressors is Teflon and the workload is lesser than oil air compressors. Since they are easier to use, compact, lightweight, and cheaper, they are more popular among household and non-commercial usage.

Now, as we have basic knowledge about oil and oilless air compressor, let’s compare them based on their features.

1. Noise

Oil Air Compressor:

They are likely to be less noisy than an oilless air compressor as they use oil as the lubrication medium.

Oilless Air Compressor:

Oil-free air compressor is very noisy compared to their small size, so they are better operated at open places or in a soundproof room.

2. Maintenance

Oil Air Compressor:

These types of air compressors require high maintenance. Changing the lubricator every now and then is mandatory. More air filtration is required to protect the processes from contamination. For example, to remove the oil and for the protection of downstream equipment, separators and coalescing filters are essential.

Oilless Air Compressor:

They are easy to handle as there’s no need for manual lubricating. The other cleaning tasks like an air filter or tank cleaning, leak repair, etc are also rare to happen. But they do require a considerable amount of repair work.

3. Cost

Oil Air Compressor:

According to market research, the cost of oil-required air compressors is quite a lot. The cost ranges from $600 to $1500 depending on the power and performance. More the price will be, the more sophisticated and powerful the motor will be.

Oilless Air Compressor:

Oil-free Compressors are cheaper than oil air compressors But still, they vary from model to model. You can buy the models to use for small DIY projects for only $200 to $1000. But you will need between $2000 and $50,000 to buy compressors for industrial use.

4. Durability

Oil Air Compressor:

Even though the price is high for these compressors, the price is worthy visibly for the durability. With proper maintenance and oil change after described working hours, an oil air compressor can work up to 15,000 hours depending on the size.

Oilless Air Compressor:

If you are looking for durability in your air compressor, you should cut off the oilless air compressor from your list. The working hours will go to the highest 2000 hours  But still, it is the best one for a DIY project in your home garage.

5. Pros

Oil Air Compressor:

  • More long-lasting because of less wearing from both inside and outside
  • Less noisy, as oil is used as their source of lubricator
  • Especially a better choice for commercial and industrial uses, as they can cover a huge workload.
  • Don’t require it to be installed on different sites, time after time.
  • Dusty compressing is heavily combined with a high PSIand CFM rating.

Oilless Air Compressor:

  • Easier to handle because of its simple and smaller shape.
  • As they are pre-lubricated, it is not necessary to lubricate them manually.
  • Their price is way cheaper than an oil air compressor.
  • Portable by hands due to their compact design and lightweight.
  • More preferable in case of household and non-commercial uses.

6. Cons

Oil Air Compressor:

  • Weight is quite heavy
  • Not portable at all.
  • They require high routine maintenance,
  • Changing the oil often is necessary.
  • They are expensive.

Oilless Air Compressor:

  • Maintenance is required often.
  • Durability is low because the motor’s functionality decays over time.
  • Tends to be very noisy and there’s no coating to protect against damage.
  • Can’t undergo the pressure of a heavy workload
  • Consists of a smaller size of air tank.

Oil Vs Oilless Air Compressor: Which one is Better?

If you have read the article carefully, I guess you have already decided which one should be suitable for you between Oil Vs Oilless Air Compressor. Both of the compressors are widely usable, but keep your preferences in mind. In my opinion, you should use the oilless air compressor if you are working on a small DIY project in your home to fix a wooden frame with a nail gun or wenching.

Oil Vs Oilless Air Compressor

And again go for the Oil-loaded air compressor for your industry and construction site since the workload will be heavy. Durability and maintenance are also to be considered. Check out industrial Air Compressor 80-Gallon to know more about the air tank capacity requirements for your industrial sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better: oil or oilless air compressor?

Answer:  Your workload and durability could answer this question. For small to big scale commercial projects oil air compressors seem the best as they are more durable and the maintenance is low.

What is the best air compressor for home garage?

Answer: Oilless air compressors can be considered best for home garage because they are cheap, portable and easy to use.

How often should I change the oil in my air compressor?

Answer: Depending on how  frequently you are using the compressor, the time frame can vary. But the most common mark for changing oil is 180 days, after completing approximately 1000 hours of working time.

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